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GFO 6076/60126

Manufacturer Transmatic


High productivity rotary machines for transfer printing sublimation transfer paper from synthetic fabrics, knitted or non-woven fabric such as polyester, nylon, acrylic.

Technical data :
-Oil-heated cylinder with 2 proportional electronic thermostats, one for checking the oil and one for the exterior of the cylinder
-Belt speed 4,5 mt/min / 5yd/min
-Safety bar and reverse control
-Cylinder diameter 61 cm / 24”
-Adjustable belt tension
-Brushless motor
-Dynamic electro-pneumatic control of the belt
-Automatic cylinder cooler timer
-Ultra light air shafts for unwinds and rewinds
-Optional loading table
-Adjustable speed control
-The machine requires a compressed air connection

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