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Manufacturer Transmatic


Specially designed for digital printing on cut pieces and placed prints. This application is required especially in the field of printing sport shirts. A new system of heating oil ensures a uniform temperature distribution over the entire length of the cylinder with a minimum consumption of energy.

Technical data :
-Belt feeding system with independent drive for feeding cut parts.
-Oil heated drum system delivering perfectly controlled heat
-2- mode loading conveyor (runs continuously or intermittently with a flip of the switch).
-Oil heated drum diameter 100 cm /39”
-Belt speeds of 6,5 mt/ min. or 6 yd / min respectively to 40 second dwell time
-77” (196cm ) wide nomex felt for 72 “ (180 cm) wide printing
-Electro pneumatic belt steering system
-Light weight Aluminium body air shaft (allows easy lifting)
-Safety bar with reverse control
-1 Input conveyor
-Automatic paper separator bar eliminates ghosting caused by paper shifting or fabric shrinkage.
-2 exit cooling conveyor cools and take printed parts to the back side for stacking
-Three independently controlled unwind and three rewind stations for roll to roll printing (fabric paper and blotting paper)
-Automatic Cool down system.
-Adjustable digital speed control


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