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ValueCut 1800

Manufacturer Mutoh


Wide format

Mutoh’s affordable 1900 mm ValueCut 1800 cutting plotter offers all application features required by professional sign makers:
- Traditional vinyl cutting for lettering jobs
- Contour cutting of pre-printed stickers
- Cut through feature for the creation of individual stickers

Mutoh’s ValueCut 1300 cutting plotter is equipped with 6 pressure rollers.

The Mutoh ValueCut cutting plotter can cut a broad range of sign making materials ranging from self-adhesive PVC to sandblast, up to a maximum thickness of 0.8 mm.

The cutting force up to 600 g guarantees optimum cutting results on a wide range of materials.

Cutting speed is adjustable up to 1080 mm/s at a maximum acceleration of 3 G, which enables a cutting speed up to 1530 mm/s and an acceleration of 4.2 G in diagonal movements.

- Cutting width of 1830 mm (72.04”)
- For home, office and professional users
- Finest cutting quality: high quality cutting blades & innovative tangential simulation mode
- Excellent media tracking up to 10 metres
- Top performer: speed up to 1530 mm/s, acceleration up to 4.2 G & cutting force up to 600 grams
- Automatic registration mark detection to swiftly contour-cut preprinted graphics

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